The Verosol effect

The Verosol effect

The effect of metallised blinds

Part of the solar radiation is reflected by the glazing. Most of the solar radiation is reflected outward by Verosol’s metallised sunscreens, directly back through the glazing. Only a fraction of the solar radiation penetrates through the glass and the metallised internal blinds into the room. Metallised sunblinds also have an insulating effect, minimizing heat loss in winter.

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Scientific research underlines the effectiveness of internal blinds

In daily practice, outdoor solar protection is usually considered the best option and the most effective, but does that statement still hold true today? The answer is a short but powerful: no. Various scientific studies have shown that intelligently controlled internal blinds can be as effective. The latest BENG-requirements also endorse the effectiveness of functional indoor solar protection.

The last decade has seen enormous developments in the field of glass and internal blinds. A carefully selected combination of these can be just as efficient as outdoor sun protection. The most efficient solution for an optimal indoor climate is to combine highly selective, low-reflective glass coatings with highly reflective interior sunscreens. This screen consists of an aluminised front which can reflect more than 70% of solar radiation, more or less independently of the colour of the back. In the case of triple glazing, this combination of coatings and internal blinds can even reduce solar heat gain by more than 85%. Moreover, in this case, more than 60% of daylight still passes through. The internal blinds also act as an excellent glare protection and can reduce heat loss by about 10%. Due to the aluminium layer, the blind provides a good view through. And finally: compared to external blinds, internal blinds do not need to contain PVC for the functional aspect, making a roller blind 100% recyclable.

No annoying glare – an excellent view on your screen

Sustainable – reduced CO2 emissions

Good insulation – the metallised fabric keeps the heat in

Cool during hot summers – the fabric reflects heat, keeping the interior cool

Privacy and view through – beautiful view without compromising privacy

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Metallised blinds improve visual and thermal comfort and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs (and therefore CO2 emissions). In summer, metallised Verosol sunblinds prevent heat from entering the building and in winter, they prevent heat from escaping through the windows. This reduces the heat transmission of a building by 50% or more.

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