Smart blinds

Smart blinds

Motorised blinds are the first step to making life at home more comfortable and convenient. By adding a touch of connectivity, light and heat intensity are optimised at all times without having to think about it. ​Turn your roller blinds into electric smart blinds and enjoy the comfort that Somfy offers.

4 good reasons to choose motorised blinds

Whether you are waking up, or working from home, your window blinds open, adjust and close silently ensuring a perfect balance between natural and artificial light.

The natural light in your home is soft and constant throughout the day for your greatest visual comfort.

Opt for automatic roller blinds which filter the light to benefit from gentle illumination or to see without being seen.

You love late afternoon family movie sessions on rainy weekends.

Using your smart speaker, you launch your movie scene.The smart window shades lower to prevent glare and the lights fade out.

With your voice assistant, you open or close each window decoration to the desired position. You will no longer have to use chains and cords with motorised blinds.

All set for a fun moment together!

In summer, as soon as the temperature inside exceeds 25°C, your automatic blinds lower automatically. It’s such a simple way to protect your furniture and plants, and keep your house cool.

In winter, your blinds go up automatically to let the sun shine in. Its warmth heats your home and improves its energy efficiency.

An elegant and modern decoration while optimising the temperature in the house as well.

At dusk, to protect your privacy during dinner, the smart roller shades go down automatically and the lights turn on.

You can now enjoy a cosy family moment, just you together.

How to control your smart roller blinds ?
Control your devices with TaHoma®

With the TaHoma® app

Control your smart home system from your smartphone home or away. Control it also without thinking about it thanks to the time programming function or a sensor.

With a voice assistant

Control your smart home products with a compatible voice assistant.

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