How to measure



Before We get started on the guide, you will need to understand the difference between Reveal Fixed and Face Fixed blinds.


This option allows the blind to be fitted inside the window recess, giving it a neat finish.

When ordering your blinds as reveal fix, always provide the exact measurements.


This method is used when the window recess space is too small to fit the brackets.

When ordering your blinds as face fix always remember to add an additional 100mm to the width and the height when providing your measured sizes.

This ensures that the blind covers your window properly and reduces the chances of light gaps. Okay, let’s get measuring, you'll need a measuring tape, a pencil, paper and a sturdy step ladder to get to high places.

Got them? Great, let's get into it...

Reveal fix Roller Blinds sit inside the window frame.

To measure for a reveal fitted blind, measure the width of the inside of your window (in millimetres) across the top, middle and bottom of the frame and record the smallest measurement to provide.

If you have a tile section or skirtings in your reveal, make sure you measure from left to right between the skirtings or tile sections as well, this will ensure that the blind sits comfortably inside the window frame width.

Next, measure the exact height of the window reveal.

Again, take three measurements - The left, middle and right and record the highest measurements to provide. As before, this will ensure that the blind sits comfortable inside the reveal height.

Please note, we make a small deduction to the total width of all our reveal-fitted blinds.

This is to make sure the blind sits as comfortably as possible inside your reveal.

So, there is no need to make any of your own deductions before you place your order.

Follow the exact same procedure, just remember to add the additional 100mm to the width and the height of your measurements when you provide your sizes for ordering


  • Always measure the depth of your reveals, our brackets require a minimum of 70mm to fit into a reveal, should your reveal be too narrow, you will need to order your blinds as Face Fixed.
  • Is your window/door too big to  fit one blind? Split the area into smaller sections, decide where you would like to split the blind and measure from wall to your split (Left to Right).
    - With a mullion or window frame, always try to find the centre point.
  • Watch out for any obstructions in your reveal for example window handles. Should there be any obstructions in the way make sure to order your blinds as Reverse Roll, this will ensure that the blind will not hit any obstruction when being operated.
  • Looking to close the light gap even more? Order your blinds as Standard Roll, this is to ensure that the blinds operate as closely as possible against the window frame/wall.
    - This is especially helpful when you orders a Face Fix Blind.
  • The standard gap between the bracket and the material is 15mm on each side, the full blind width will be the size that you ordered (from bracket to bracket).
    - In conclusion, the full width of the material will be 30mm smaller in total than the size you provided. This is to accommodate the hardware.
    - This gap usually does not affect the light gap entering the room, normal window frames or mullions are usually wider than 15mm therefore the window frame will automatically close the gap.
  • Looking for privacy with a view through during the day, but require privacy at night as well? We offer a Double Roller Blind option, this will be one Sheerweave blind and one Blockout blind behind each other.
    - Should you wish to install both blinds in the reveal, ensure your reveal is at least 140mm deep.
    - If your reveal is not deep enough, you can install your one blind in the reveal and the second blind as face fix.

Once you've taken your measurements, head to to enter your details and complete your order.

If you are in anyway unsure as how to proceed with measuring, please get in touch with our team by phone or email and we'll be happy to provide specific advice.

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