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Varikust Acoustic Door


Sound insulation doors ranging from 30dB to 52dB
Complimentary to the Variflex System
Easy operation
Effective sealing operation mechanism
Available as gas / dustproof fire doors fitted with escape gear.
Elephant doors up to 6 m wide by 6 m high also available.

Used For:

  • Home Theatre Studios
  • Entrance doors to hotel rooms
  • Radio & T.V. Studios
  • Auditoria
  • Meeting and Conference Rooms
  • Plant and control Rooms

Project References:

Top Billing Studios in Cape Town: Café Expresso
The Cape Town Film Studios
The MNET Studios
MTN in Worcester
The Sandton Convention Centre

General Notes

Auto seal doors typically require heavy duty door closures
Lockable handle features specially keyed padlock
Double maglock requires auto seal
Panic bar requires auto seal
Electromechanically solenoid requires Auto seal

Standard Features

  • All exposed steel ironmongery – SS304
  • All aluminium typically architectural grade natural anodised – 15micron
  • All latches and bolts are steel – not brass

Notes on Finishes

Aluminium tread plate not available for fire doors
Painted finished in 2K heavy duty PU lacquers


Technical details:

  • 30 – 35Db sound insulating rating
  • The door leaf thickness 63mm
  • Available in single and double door configurations
  • Maximum size on double door is 1.5 wide x 2.4 high
  • Viewing panels are optional


Available in natural wood veneers such as oak, maple, beech and mahogany.

VK 105

Technical Details:

  • Outer steel sub frame (optional)
  • The door leaf thickness 63mm
  • Anodised aluminium alloy door frame
  • 3 hinges per leaf
  • Retractable bolts and handle activate drop seal

VK 105 fire doors

Solid construction and engineered sealing and closing mechanism
Use of approved and tested fire door – core as the fire side surface panel
Adapted steel structure to give the necessary edge coverage (this concerns the plain side, and not the hinge side of the door leaf)
VK elephant doors
40-48dB sound insulating rating available
Maximum size on double door configuration: 4.8m wide x 5m high


Natural wood veneers
Painted MDF
Marine ply with aluminium sheet for exterior doors

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