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Luxaflex Classic Shutters

Combining superlative design with timeless style, the Luxaflex Classic Interior Shutter exudes quality and elegance.
Intelligently designed to suit any interior style from vintage chic to modern minimalism.

Luxaflex Classic shutters are fashioned with precision, quality, durability and the enduring belief that beautiful custom shutters
should be everywhere in the home, even where harsh condition exist.
They will not warp, crack or swell due to water exposure, with a simple 2 part hinge they can be simply removed and washed
with a hose pipe.
Ideally suited for all areas of your home including above kitchen sinks and in bathrooms.
Luxaflex Shutters are custom built to create a shutter installation that blends seamlessly with the design of your home.

Operating Systems

Select louvre size and an operating system to achieve the look that right for you.

The traditional tilt bar can be place on the front of the panel or choose the unique full view option with its discreet tilt bar on the rear
of the panel. Incorporate a divider rail for increased control over privacy and light.
The ability of the louvre blades to rotate through 180° with perfect closure in both directions ensures superior light and privacy control.


Create the perfect surrounding. Our frame options are custom built to create a shutter installation that blends seamlessly with
the design of your home.

Bi-Fold and By-Pass shutters also have decorative valances that neatly cover the top tracks.
T posts can be fitted to hinged options in large windows to ensure the best layout, giving your windows a seamlessly
and classic appearance.
A French door handle cut-out option is available for fitting shutters directly onto doors.

Hinged Panel Shutters

Standard Hinged Systems can consist of one or more shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations.
Single panels can be individually hinged or 2 panels may be hinged together from the frame in a Hinged Bi-Fold design.
They can be single hung or double hung with more options possible.

Bi-Fold Shutters

Bi-Fold on track system allow up to 8 panels to be hinged together.
Panels are connected to a top track, which both supports the panels and guides their folding movements.
A bottom track is available on request. Panels must be hinged together in equal multiplies of 2 to enable them to operate within the track.

By-Pass Shutters

Shutters in a By-Pass Track System are not hinged. Instead, they slide on top tracks to open and close.
The By-Pass System allows you to cover wide widths and is a wonderful way to treat sliding doors to match the rest of your windows.
Note: Only the 63mm louvre panels will pass each other in the fully open position.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified.
  • Greenguard Children and School Product Certified and Greenguard listed for Microbial Resistance.

Their high level of energy efficiency makes Luxaflex Classic Shutters a real energy saver.
Their long life expectancy means they don't need replacing which cuts down on replacement manufacturing energy consumption.
The whole shutter frame can be granulated and recycled and 95% of the production waste is recycled.

Local Manufacture

Local manufacture means a much faster delivery time and the ability to repair your shutters in the event of a domestic mishap.


Fire retardant and self extinguishing properties make Luxaflex Classic Shutters ideal for use in children's rooms and facilities
for the aged or infirm.
Hospitals benefit from the certified antimicrobial properties and ease of cleaning.
The unique PolyResin material does not "off gass" so no harmful or volatile organic compounds are release into the air.
The shutter system makes no use of cords and the PolyResin compound is non toxic ensuring Luxaflex Classic Shutters are child safe.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to the unique properties of PolyResin the Luxaflex Classic Shutters require little or no maintenance.
They will not warp, crack or peel if exposed to water.
Normal wiping down with a mild soap solution is all that is required but they can also easily be removed and fully washed
using running water.
Cleaners containing ammonia or bleach must not be used.

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